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Hawken Energy Wood Furnaces

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Hawken Energy Inc. manufactures steel outdoor wood furnaces that can be used to heat homes and hot water, exterior workshops or garages, hot tubs and pools, as well as commercial buildings. The family-owned company states that its furnaces are designed to work with any existing forced air heating system.

Corporate History

Hawken Energy Inc. was founded in 1999 in Michigan by a father-son team, Warren and Bruce Walborn.

Product Lines

Hawken manufactures three furnaces lines: the HE-1100, HE-2100 and GX10. The HE-1100 is able to heat a single building as large as 4,000 square feet, and has an output of 225,000 BTU. It has a water capacity of 150 gallons and fan capacity up to 146 cfm. Its footprint measures roughly 48 by 55 inches. The HE-2100 can heat as many as two buildings reaching up to 10,000 square feet. It can put out approximately 358,000 BTU, and has a water capacity of 368 gallons. This larger unit has a footprint of 60 by 61 inches. Finally, the GX10 also is geared toward heating a single building, up to only 3,500 square feet, with its output of 144,000 BTU. However, this model features gasification technology, which the Environmental Protection Agency describes as one of the most versatile and clean ways to convert fuel into electricity.

The manufacturer says that its furnaces’ round firebox design provides superior heat transfer and efficiency compared to other designs, while also offering increased durability due to having fewer welds.

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Contacting Hawken Energy

Hawken Energy Inc.
1064 Industrial Park Drive
Shelby, MI 49455

Phone: (231) 861-8200


Hawken’s products carry a 20-year limited warranty that covers all parts, including the firebox. Contact your dealer for specific warranty details.

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