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Free Heat Machine Wood Boilers

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Update: Free Heat Machine is out of business.

Free Heat Machine (FHM) was the brand name of the outdoor wood furnaces manufactured and sold by Timber Ridge, Inc. (The name should be read as "Free Heat" Machine, rather than: Free "Heat Machine"). Timber Ridge marketed their furnaces a bit differently than most wood furnace manufacturers -- they sold directly to the consumer rather than through a distributor.

Product Lines

Free Heat Machine has three basic wood-burning outdoor models: the 90, the 150, and 250. The first model heats up to 3,000 square feet; the second one heats 6,000 square feet, and the 250 heats 12,000 square feet. The 150 and 250 feature a turbo burner that allows a long burning duration, even heat distribution, and reduced smoke and ash emissions.

FHM is a Bit Different...

I spoke at some length with Larry from Timber Ridge to get a better sense of how someone that's not mechanically inclined would go about installing a Free Heat Machine. He explained that they have refined their design many times since 2001 with the goal of making the instalation and repair of their furnaces dead simple. He claims that if you can dig a ditch and follow a diagram, you can install their furnace -- no sweating pipe required!

The process begins when a homeowner calls one of FHM's consultants. The consultant helps them determine how large of a furnace the need, and how that furnace will integrate into their existing heating system. Once the person has purchased a "job ready" package, Timber Ridge will ship initial materials such as foot pads and ground cover so the buyer can prepare the area where the furnace will be located. When the buyer has finished preparing the installation site, FHM will ship the furnace to the buyer on a flatbed truck, and the driver of the truck will use a forklift to place the furnace on the installation site.

FHM then provides the customer with a 46-page installation guide. The only tools needed are a couple of specialized furnace tools, and FHM includes those tools with the customer's order.

Free Heat Machine also keeps a file on every single furnace that they sell, and that file can run to 30 pages in length. It includes photographs of the furnace itself, and all the details of the particular configuration that the owner bought. If a part fails, Free Heat Machine can ship the exact replacement part overnight.

Corporate History

Timber Ridge, Inc. began selling Fisher airtight wood stoves in 1974 / 75. In 2001 they began developing their line of outdoor wood furnaces. They are planning to release a smokeless outdoor wood furnace in 2007.

Free Heat Machines is currently out of business -- they apparently closed their doors in January 2011.

Contacting Free Heat Machine

Phone: 866-966-3432


Timber Ridge, Inc.
2020 Highway 11-E
Jonesborough, TN 37659

Free Heat Machine's Warranty

Timber Ridge, Inc. provides a 20-year warranty for repair and replacement, a 5-year warranty on all electrical parts, and a 3-year warranty on their pumps.

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