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Monitor Water Heaters

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Monitor Products, Inc. is a New Jersey-based company that makes water heaters, externally-vented space heaters, and boilers. The company claims that their tankless water heaters can reduce residential utility costs by 50%. The company distributes products throughout North America.

Product Details

Monitor essentially produces a single line of tankless water heater: the MWH180. However, they have a second model (the similarly named MWH180EX) which can be installed outdoors if you don't have space inside your home.

The MWH180 model is 82% efficient and Energy Star compliant. It has a max capacity of 5.8 gallons of water per minute, electric ignition, and a preset temperature of 120 degrees. The heater comes with a remote control in case you're in the shower and want to make the water hotter.

Company History

Monitor was incorporated in 1984 to continue sales of the Monitor brand of heating systems developed by KeroSun. (For some reason now lost to history, KeroSun heaters are no longer sold in the United States.)

In 1986, Tokyo Boeki USA acquired Monitor. In 1990, the company entered the market for tankless water heaters and introduced the MWH180 in 2006.

Warranty Information

Monitor's current line of water heaters are covered by a ten-year warranty on heat exchangers, a five-year warranty for parts, and a one-year warranty on standard labor.

Contact Information

Monitor Products, Inc.
PO Box 3408
Princeton NJ 08543
Phone: 609-584-0505
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