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Infinion Water Heaters

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Infinion water heaters are tankless heaters that do not require electricity as a power source. Instead, Infinion heaters are powered by either natural gas or propane, which makes them well suited for use in cabins and other buildings that are off-grid.

Tankless water heaters can save an estimated 50% on utility costs, as they do not incur heat loss that normally happens in storage tanks of conventional water heaters. They also provide users with an unlimited supply of hot water, since hot water is heated as needed.

There are two models of Infinion water heaters. One has a pilot light for ignition of the power source. The other has battery spark ignition, powered by a D-cell battery. Both models are 28.13 inches in height, 14.94 inches in width and 10.81 inches in depth. The units weigh about 37 pounds. They feature a simple design, with temperature and capacity control knobs.

Purchasing Infinion Water Heaters

Infinion water heaters are currently only available through qualified vendors. The company previously sold through many online retailers, but discontinued this marketing. For more information about Infinion water heaters can be obtained by calling their manufacturing company, Akwakai. See contact information below. The company will soon have a functioning website.

Warranty Information

Infinion water heaters are covered by a five-year warranty on parts and a ten-year warranty on heat exchangers.

Contacting Infinion/Akwakai

7683 SE 27th St., #294
Mercer Island, WA 98040

Phone: (800) 247-3619
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