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Texas Furnace, LLC

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Texas Furnace LLC, (which today operates under the name of its parent company, AllStyle) sells air conditioners, gas furnaces, evaporator coils and air handlers. It also manufactures hydronic heat and heat pump units. The company is privately owned and reinvests in developing innovative technology in the HVAC industry. Texas Furnace offers a patented design in evaporator coils, as well as coils for commercial applications.

Corporate History

Texas Furnace LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AllStyle Coil Co., which, in turn, is privately owned by Lendell Martin and family. Martin previously started the Red T Coil Co. and also has owned a distribution company for HVAC equipment. Texas Furnace expanded its factory dramatically between 1990 and 2000 to meet the demand for products. Today the "Texas Furnace" brand has been replaced by the AllStyle name.

Product Lines

AllStyle's specialty is high-quality air conditioning coils, made from both copper and aluminum.

The company produces several different types of gas furnaces. The ABA series offers 80 AFUE. The VSA and CSA Series are rated at 90 AFUE; CSA is a higher-end, sleeker gas furnace. Still more efficient are the VSB Series (92 percent AFUE) and the VSC Series (95 percent AFUE). VSC is a two-stage, high-efficiency furnace.

AllStyle also makes air handlers (VL/VLX, SL/BL and VLW), which can be matched with an air conditioner to circulate air through a home's ductwork.

Environmental Impact

AllStyle's products usually can be procured with either R-22 (for units produced before the Environmental Protection Agency's 2010 phase-out of this coolant) or R-410A coolant (a refrigerant that does not contribute to depletion of the ozone layer).

One of the newer models of air handlers boasts a molded cap that cuts down on noise pollution, as well as an efficient compressor designed to save energy.

How to find an HVAC Contractor

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Contacting Texas Furnace, LLC

AllStyle Coil Co.
P. O. Box 40696
Houston, TX 77240-0696

Phone: (713) 466-6363


Texas Furnace/AllStyle offers a 1-year limited warranty on evaporator coils and air handlers. This warranty expands to five years for the coil specifically and the drain pan being defective. Furnaces are provided with a 5-year limited parts warranty and a 20-year guarantee on the heat exchanger. Air conditioners and heat pumps also carry a 5-year limited parts warranty, as well as 5 years guaranteed on the compressor and condensing coil.

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