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AquaCal Heat Pumps

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AquaCal manufactures heat pumps for use in residential pools and spas. Heat pumps move heat from the air and transfer it to the pool/spa water using a refrigeration cycle similar to those used in a household refrigerator or air conditioner. The company offers a free computer software program to assist consumers in determining their heat pump needs.

Corporate History

AquaCal, founded in 1981, claims to be the world's largest and leading heat pump manufacturer. The company markets heat pumps, pool inspections kits for commercial enterprises, and AutoPilot salt chlorine generators for pools. AquaCal publishes an industry magazine, Aqua, for spa and pool industry professionals.

The St. Petersburg, Florida company offers a sixteen-hour course to contractors and industry professionals in certified pool operation. Their Hot Shot School on heat pumps is a one-day seminar offered throughout the year at their Florida facility. Similarly, the Flight School program on the AutoPilot chlorination unit is offered monthly to field service technicians and sales personnel. The company also provides information on the industry's first online accredited college degree program in the pool and spa industry.

Product Lines

AquaCal markets heat pumps under five brand names: HeatWave SuperQuiet, HeatWave SuperQuiet IceBreaker, TropiCal, Water Source, and SunPower. Features include: heat exchangers made from titanium, keypad lockouts to prevent tampering, quiet operation mechanisms, digital thermostats, corrosion-proof cabinets, and off-set plumbing for easier installation. Some models feature pool cooling as well as heating capabilities.

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Contacting AquaCal

2737 24th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33713

Phone: 727.823.5642, 800.786.7751


AquaCal's warranty covers parts and on-site labor in the case of defective manufacturing for two years from date of purchase in addition to a five-year parts replacement warranty for the compressor. The warranty is for the unit at its original installation site and for the original owner. It does not cover damages incurred through freezing conditions, negligence or abuse, or installations in corrosive environments.

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